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The attorneys at the Duran Law Group, APLC have more than 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of criminal defendants and people injured in accidents. Call today for a free consultation and allow us to put our knowledge, skill and experience to work for you:

We are counselors, strategists, advocates, negotiators, and trial attorneys. We seek to meet the needs of our clients through aggressive, ethical and honest representation. We observe the highest ethical standards at all times and in all places, and we deal honestly and fairly with clients, opposing parties, the courts, and one another.

No two cases are the same, and no two clients are the same. Attorneys at the Duran Law Group, APLC provide each client with personalized service. We spend a great deal of time focusing on each client’s needs and ascertaining the best approach to each circumstance. We believe that client’s should be able to get in touch with their lawyer. We believe the attorney and client should have an open line of communication, and we strive to keep each client fully informed of every step in their case. 

The majority of our referrals come from former clients and fellow attorneys. We take great pride in our ability to guide clients through the often difficult legal process to a successful outcome. Our years of knowledge and experience and the relationships we have developed with prosecutors and judges give us the ability to gain superior results.
Attorneys at the Duran Law Group, APLC represent clients in every United States District Court in California, and in state court in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Ventura Counties.

Practice Areas:
   Criminal Defense
       Assault/ Battery
       Domestic Violence
       White Collar
       Drug Posession/ Sales
       Murder/ Manslaughter
       Sex Crimes
       Criminal Threats
       Medical Marijuana

   Personal Injury
       Auto Accidents
       Dog Bites
       Slip and Fall
       Medical Malpractice
       Products Liability
       Wrongful Death


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How do you qualify for workers compensation in Illinois?

The Workers’ Compensation Statute protects every employee in the State of Illinois.

A victim of a work-related injury or illness is eligible for many forms of compensation including reasonable medical care required to cure or relieve the impact of the injury, lost time from work, and any temporary or permanent disability.

Illinois Workers’ compensation is a system of benefits that:

– Pays for the medical treatment and medical bills incurred by work-related injuries and illnesses.
– Pays for the lost time from work
– Pays for any temporary or permanent disabilities
– Covers nearly every employee in Illinois
– and begins the very first day that you start working for your employer.

Employers in Illinois are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees and the insurance companies fund the payment of worker’s compensation benefits for employees’ claims. In the event of a dispute, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC, or the Commission) enforces the state’s worker’s compensation laws and protects worker rights.